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Get the guidance you need to commit to a regular movement practice at your own pace. 

Join the Breathe Stretch Move Club!


The Breathe Stretch Move Club is a monthly subscription-based online program specializing in movement + mobility. 

Weekly emails and fresh curated video programs.

Access to a vast video library you can use anytime.

Stretching, Mobility, Stability, Breathwork, Mindfulness and more!


All of this for $22 USD/month 


✔ Consistency is King - Every Monday morning, you get a structured program with videos for the week. 

✔ Flexibility - You can follow these videos throughout the week on your own time.

✔ Accountability - Don't forget to check by Sunday and let us know what you discovered or any challenges. We will check up on you :)

✔ Customization - You have access to a library of categorized videos for on-going viewing. New videos are added every week.

✔ For the keeners, we got you covered - If you want to supplement the weekly program, you can search the library for something additional. 

✔ Adaptable - This is suitable for a wide variety of movement capabilities from beginner to advanced

✔ Interactive - You can comment on videos and ask questions to the community, or reach out to us directly any time for support. 

✔ Tracking - Each week the program will tell you what % you completed. The goal is 100% each week!

✔ Join a like minded community - Facebook group access. Monthly auto-renew billing. You can cancel at any time. 

I have been moving and stretching with Carolyn and Cian for 3 months now and I feel fantastic. This program has been a game changer for me. My flexibility and strength has improved significantly. I have struggled with tight stuck hips for years due to an office career. I’m so thrilled..... by working through the hip exercises daily my hips are now totally unstuck, fluid and strong. This new fluidity in my hips has really helped with cycling and hiking. I’m so grateful. Carolyn and Cian are passionate knowledgeable teachers and I look forward to many more years of stretching, moving and growing!!

- Karen D, Member of Breathe Stretch Move Club

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