Join us for a powerful 6 week class series to deepen physical embodiment, mobility and resilience. 


a class series

Fascial Stretching and Release, Restorative Movement, Breathwork, Stabilizing and Strengthening. 
6 classes. 9 hours of instruction. 
Take home exercises, accountability and support. 


What is this class series all about? 

In general, this series is all about helping you help yourself. 

Under the guidance of experienced bodyworkers and movement coaches, we will explore how to dissect and figure out the restrictions in our bodies and beings that are holding us back. 

We will work with breath, fascial stretching and release techniques, restorative movement and strengthening. 

This is a small group class that will progress over the 6 weeks. 

You will be given homework over the duration of the program to ensure best results. 


Who is it for? 

This series is for adult humans of all ages and movement abilities. 

If you are curious, open minded and willing to work diligently towards your goals, then this program is for you! 

Everything we do can be modified and customized to your body and unique needs. Wether you are a senior or a pro athlete there is something powerful you can learn from this series. 

With the right attitude, you can achieve anything! 

Have questions about whether or not this course is right for you? Reach out to us and we are happy to chat!

Classes are on hold for the summer.
Contact us to be kept in the loop for Fall classes. 

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About the Instructors

Carolyn Schmidt

CFST - Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist (level 3), Movement Coach, Breathwork Facilitator (Breathwave level 2) 

Carolyn Schmidt is in a long term relationship with human movement. As a Stretch Therapist, dance artist and movement instructor, Carolyn brings a lifetime of experience, passion and curiosity to each session and class she leads.

Carolyn began dancing as a kid on Vancouver Island and went on to complete her professional training at The Ailey School in NYC. Her dance career has taken her to the USA, Europe and Australia where she has performed, taught and studied with diverse dance professionals from around the globe. Carolyn continues to teach and choreograph contemporary dance in the Vancouver area. 

Carolyn is a Level 3 Fascial Stretch Specialist having completed the highest level of Fascial Stretch Therapy training in Arizona with Ann and Chris Fredrick. Carolyn also has received education in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, and has intensively studied the movement system of Countertechnique as well as Franklin Method (Eric Franklin), Pilates, Yoga and Alexander Technique. Carolyn has also studied with Tom Myers (creator of Anatomy Trains) and holds a certificate in his BodyReading method. 


In her Stretch Therapy and movement coaching practice, Carolyn works with dancers, athletes and the general public to help them recover from injuries and gain healthier range of motion while empowering stronger body awareness and fluid movement.

Cian Dalton

MSc, CFST - Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist (level 3), CPT, FRC, FRA, FMS, Boxing Coach, Breathwave Facilitator (level 3) Wim Hof Method Instructor

Cian Dalton is certified as a Level 3 Fascial Stretch Specialist trained under the Fredricks of Stretch To Win. Cian is a certified personal trainer and is trained in Functional Range Conditioning and Assessment (FRC, FRA) as well Functional Movement Systems (FMS).


Cian is passionate about breathwork and is BC's first certified instructor of the Wim Hof Method (WHM) of breathwork, cold therapy and mindset training. He has had many Breathwork teachers including Robin Clements of Breathwave and Ricardo Moreno (Kundalini and Essential Breath) from Sayulita, Mexico


An athlete at heart, Cian trained in boxing for 20 years and competed as a professional middleweight boxer in the USA and still occasionally works as a boxing instructor. Cian was a high level soccer player in his youth in Ireland and England and still enjoys playing soccer, distance running and trail running.


Once upon a time, Cian worked in an office as an engineer for the renewable energy sector but his undeniable passion for movement and athletics called him to break free from the desk. Never shy from personal and physical challenges, Cian understands what it takes to push the human body to its limits and uses all of his past experiences and education to help his clients achieve their personal bests.