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Assisted Stretch Therapy

Level 2 Practitioner Training 

Become an Expert


Elevate your expertise with the Level 2 Assisted Stretch Therapy Certification. 

This program offers you the ultimate opportunity to build upon the techniques mastered in Level 1 Fundamentals and offer stretch therapy as a certified therapist.


Upon completion, you will grow into a more adept and seasoned practitioner, addressing the needs of clients holistically and powerfully. 


*Must have completed Level 1 Fundamentals


To Be Announced @ The Stretch Space, Vancouver BC

$1400+ GST


Course Material and Concepts:

Four full 8 hr days of hands-on instruction

  • Greater specificity in stretches, learning how to target areas for a more efficient stretch session

  • Nuances, variations and adaptations of level 1 material + new material 

  • How to build your clientele and grow your new stretch practice

  • Learn the ability to problem solve with tricky clients

  • Practice giving and receiving full sessions in a guided environment 

  • 1-1 personalized coaching as well as intimate small group instruction

  • Certification to offer 60min full body Stretch Therapy sessions


Improve Flexibility: Release tightness and increase clients range of motion for better performance in sports and daily activities.

Relieve Tension: Alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress, and promote relaxation for a healthier mind and body.

Enhance Performance: Optimize clients physical performance and prevent injuries by improving muscle coordination and balance.

Increase Body Awareness: Guide clients in gaining a deeper understanding of their body's unique needs and unlock its true potential.

Embrace the power of Stretch Therapy and experience the transformation it brings to people's life!

Become Certified as a Stretch Therapist Today!


Level 2 Practitioner Training Oct 20-23, 2023  @ The Stretch Space, Vancouver


4 days of hands-on training plus take-home materials for $1400 + GST 

Spaces are limited

* Level 1 Fundamentals is required

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