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Assisted Stretch Therapy
Trainings 2024

Level 1 Fundamentals Training
September 14 - 15
10am - 6pm

Level 2 Practitioner Training
November 8 - 10
10am - 6pm


Deepen your practice and knowledge with hands-on, movement-based stretching.
For bodyworkers, movement coaches, and beginners. Learn a powerful skill to help others transform their movement. 


Assisted Stretch Therapy Fundamentals Training

Learn the fundamentals of assisted stretch therapy in a hands-on, experiential environment. 

Join us for a weekend of learning and healing!


Explore this growing modality of helping others become more mobile and embodied. Deepen your relationship to your own body and movement while learning a skill to help others.

Learn a hands-on stretching sequence you can do with family and friends, and with clients and students (for those already practising). 

This course is suitable for: massage therapists, bodyworkers, energy workers, Breathwork practitioners, pilates teachers, yoga teachers, dance teachers, personal trainers, chiropractors, etc. Also suitable for beginners and movement enthusiasts looking to learn about the human body. 


Workshop Leaders

Cian Dalton and Carolyn Schmidt,

Owners/Founders of The Stretch Space

Carolyn and Cian are experienced practitioners in Stretch Therapy, having completed all levels of training of FST in Arizona. They have been running a busy studio in Vancouver since 2017, focusing on helping people through Stretch Therapy, movement and breathwork. They are highly trained and experienced movement educators and breathwork facilitators having studied with some of the most prominent teachers in the wellness world including Wim Hof, Robin Clements, Tom Myers and Eric Franklin. Cian has a background in professional boxing and Carolyn was a professional dancer and dance educator. 
Learn more about Carolyn and Cian HERE 

  • Hands-on assisted stretching of the major joints and fascial lines 

  • Table stretch and floor stretch

  • Upper body and lower body stretches

  • Passive and active/dynamic stretching

  • Basic anatomy of the major joints + fascial lines

  • How to feel and listen to the body

  • Nervous system basics

  • Breathing (and how it informs movement and the nervous system) 

  • Movement awareness and imagery (and how it informs movement + stretching)

  • How to hold space for someone to optimize healing 

Course Material and Concepts:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the course in total? 

The stretch therapy fundamentals course is 2 days. Most of the time will be hands-on learning. 

Will there be a following training for full certification

Yes - Level 2 is a 4 day training  with home practice/practicum requirements that will have you ready to work with clients as a Stretch Therapist. Fundamentals is the pre-requisite for level 2. 

Will I receive a certification?

A certificate of completion will be provided. The course is for beginners to work with friends and family and for experienced practitioners to add new tools to their repertoire. 

What experience is needed for the course?

No experience is needed! A basic understanding of movement and anatomy is helpful. Even if you are very experienced with bodies, we encourage you to come with a beginners mind :) 

What will be the main take-aways from this course? 

You will leave with a beautiful assisted stretching routine you can do with family/friends (for beginners) or clients (for practitioners). You will receive many nuggets of wisdom and tools to apply to your movement or bodywork practice. 

Who developed this course? 

This course was developed by Carolyn & Cian of The Stretch Space, based in Vancouver, BC. Learn more about us here.


Level 1 Fundamentals Training - June 3 - 4, 2023  @ The Stretch Space, Vancouver


2 days of hands-on training plus take-home materials for $597 + GST 

Spaces are limited. 

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