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Assisted Stretch Therapy Trainings 2024

Level 1 Fundamentals Training

January 27 - 28

April 6 - 7

June 8 - 9

September 28 - 29

Level 2 Practitioner Certification

April 26 - 28

November 8 - 10


Expand your knowledge and opportunities by training in Assisted Stretch Therapy with the founders of The Stretch Space! 

Unlock the Power of Assisted Stretch Therapy


Level 1 Fundamentals: Lay the Foundation

Immerse yourself in our Level 1 Fundamentals course, carefully crafted to provide a solid grounding in assisted stretch therapy. Delve into the fundamental techniques and principles that form the core of this transformative practice. This course is suitable for bodyworkers, movement coaches, and beginners seeking to learn a powerful skill to help others improve their movement or add value to their current practice. This is a prerequisite to our Level 2 practitioner training 




Level 2 Practitioner Certification: Deepen Your Expertise

Take your stretch therapy journey to new heights and train to become an in-demand wellness professional.  Building upon the foundations established in Level 1, this program delves deeper into the intricacies and nuances of stretch therapy. By completing this course you will gain the expertise and confidence to work with a wide variety of clients. Expand your repertoire of hands-on stretches and acquire the knowledge and experience to help others embark on a powerful healing journey. 

Level 2 Certification requires practicum hours, an online mentoring session and 1-1 evaluation. 



Workshop Leaders

Cian Dalton and Carolyn Schmidt,

Owners/Founders of The Stretch Space

Carolyn and Cian are experienced practitioners in Stretch Therapy, Breathwork and movement. The husband and wife team have completed all levels of training in Fascial Stretch Therapy in Arizona and are certified in Conscious Connected Breathwork, along with JF Barnes Myofascial Release and other powerful movement and healing methods. They have been running a busy studio in Vancouver since 2018, and have worked with 1000's of clients through 1-1 sessions, retreats and workshops.  They are always investing in their education and personal growth, and have studied with some of the most prominent teachers in the wellness world including Wim Hof, Robin Clements, Tom Myers and the Option Institute. Cian has a background in professional boxing and Carolyn was a professional dancer and dance educator. Their diverse backgrounds along with vast life experience make Cian and Carolyn a dynamic duo of embodiment and healing. 

Learn more about Carolyn and Cian HERE 


" Carolyn and Cian care deeply about helping people. Both are experienced practitioners. They are happy to answer all questions and enjoy seeing their students succeed. I look forward to taking level 2!"


Jason, Firefighter and fitness professional

" I loved how practical and hands on this weekend was, it really allowed me to dive in and gain confidence, experiencing the impact these movements can have on others. "             


  Chris, Wellness Enthusiast

" I am an athletic therapist, so for me it is really useful to learn different ways of practising to use with the athletes that I work with. I am now able to offer a modality that is pain-free and not stressful on the body. "

 Katia, Registered Athletic Therapist

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