Upcoming Events + Workshops



September 18 + 19, 2021

10am - 6pm both days



Movement Healing is a weekend intensive workshop focusing on stretching, breath and movement.


Perfect for movement practitioners and enthusiasts to learn new tools and refine their practices, as well as for bodyworkers and healers to explore new ideas surrounding movement and the human body to help their clients. 

This weekend will be held like a retreat. We will gather in a sacred container ideal for healing and going within ourselves. 

This weekend will be full of EXPERIENTIAL learning. We will cover and explore: 

- Stretching with a focus on the Fascial system 

- Self stretching and partner stretching

- Breathwork fundamentals

- Movement assessment and functional movement

- How to observe patterns in your own body and in others

- How the nervous system affects breath and movement 


Deepen your relationship to your body and movement, while learning how to hold space for others to do the same. 

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