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A Call to Adventure with Cian

Have you ever had a calling to do something in your life but can't seem to say hell yes? Is there something that you know will help you to thrive if you commit to doing it each day?

This adventure holds enormous power and a path to live more authentically. Come and see the path clearly and learn to overcome patterns that can hold you back. It starts with saying yes to the challenge. It's not always easy but it can be simple.


Embarking on a Journey

These coaching sessions are all about doing the work while getting to know who you truly are and what holds you back from taking simple steps to thrive in life. What are the programs running in your mind that distract you from doing the things you know will help you grow?

If you're willing to face these patterns that hold you back and look them in the eye then you can rewrite and upgrade these programs. We have all inherited and downloaded programs that don't serve us. It's not our fault, we didn't write the programs and nothing is broken. All we need to do is know what they are and where they came from and set on the hero's journey of doing the work to rewrite them to be more supportive and more empowering. Each time we embark on this journey progress is made. The path quickly becomes clearer and more intentional once we focus on progress and let go of perfection. We are always learning so long as we don't give up on what is calling us.

The coaching sessions will not hold your hand for long but help you to see with clarity where to go and why. The true hero's journey is up to you and is there waiting for you every morning. Come and explore what your purpose is and make a commitment to embarking on a journey of a lifetime.

Every master was once a disaster. Cian has learned over the years moving to and  from many different home towns and cities, making big career changes including some time as professional boxer in the U.S where he met an important mentor. He made many poor decisions along the way. Once he saw the connection from one poor decision to another it all became easier. It's about progress not perfection and mistakes are part of journey. Let's lay it all out clearly and start chipping away in the right direction. Make a commitment and you won't go back.


What does a Coaching session look like?

Coaching comes as a package of two sessions of about 100 minutes each. Each session has some prep time for both the client and coach. Once a commitment is made a detailed questionnaire is sent along with some supporting videos to help reveal some potential patterns of the mind. Sessions are offered by Cian Dalton. The sessions are about sharing knowledge and information as well as some tools to help reveal patterns and awaken the soul. They are not about fixing anything that is wrong as there is noting that is wrong with you. We have just learned to operate in our modern world and be influenced on a subconscious level in a way that doesn't always serve our highest good.


The questionnaire is a deep dive into who you are, what drives you and what holds you back. It is detailed enough to help reveal what isn't always conscious. The work begins once you start to complete the form and dive into your story. The questionnaire takes time go go through and takes Cian about 2 hours to go through thoroughly. You will have a chance to share who you are, what matters to you and what your intention for coaching is. We will work together to map out the direction you want to go in life and to optimize the experience. Hands-on body work, energy work and sound healing tools may be used to optimize the experience. 

Once a commitment is made, a questionnaire will be sent. Once it has been completed and the sessions have been done you will have a clear view of what you need to and what may be holding you back. The Hero's Journey then awaits and the rest is up to you.

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What are the benefits of Coaching?

  • Helps you understand your story of where you've come from and what drives you

  • Overcome self sabotage - doing things that hurt us and hold us back while avoiding things that heal us and move us forward

  • Helps you to learn about and overcome mind control tactics

  • Connect to your true authentic self more

  • Make better decisions that encourage you to thrive

  • Fully step into adulthood and think more long term and less short term 

  • Receive powerful and truthful information about health that once known can never be unknown

  • Helps you digest emotions organically by being in healthy alignment

  • Feel a deep sense of connection and purpose


Book Your First Coaching
Session with Cian

Looking for Group Coaching Sessions? 

We offer group coaching sessions for small groups. 

Please reach out to inquire.

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