Carolyn Schmidt

Fascial Stretch Therapist, Movement and Mobility Coach, Breathwork Facilitator (breathwave)

Carolyn Schmidt is in a long term relationship with human movement. As a Stretch Therapist, Breathwork Facilitator and Movement Educator, Carolyn brings a lifetime of experience, passion and curiosity to each session and class she leads.


After years of dealing with frustrating injuries from a career in dance, Carolyn found herself on a healing path, learning how to unwind and re-pattern her own body from 20 years of intense physical training and the related emotional impacts. As a part of her healing journey, she discovered Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) - a powerful modality that helps the body heal at a nervous system level. She became a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist in 2017 and holds the highest level of training in the method.

In conjunction with Stretch Therapy, Carolyn is a skilled movement coach with a sharp eye and nurturing energy. Carolyn has studied a wide range of movement practices and somatic body-mind therapies including Franklin Method (Eric Franklin), Anatomy Trains Body Reading (Tom Myers), Laban Movement Analysis, Countertechnique, Alexander Technique, BodyMind Centering (Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen), Yoga (various forms), Pilates (classical and contemporary), movement improvisation and of course, dance (ballet, modern, contemporary dance).

Carolyn is co-owner of The Stretch Space in Vancouver. 

"My mission as a facilitator is to empower folks to use their sacred instruments (bodies) with great awareness and expression as a way of embodying their highest selves."

Cian Dalton

MSc, Fascial Stretch Therapist, Breathwave Facilitator, Wim Hof Method Instructor

Cian Dalton is certified as a Level 3 Fascial Stretch Specialist trained under the Fredricks of Stretch To Win. Cian is a certified personal trainer and is trained in Functional Range Conditioning and Assessment (FRC, FRA) as well Functional Movement Systems (FMS).


Cian is passionate about breathwork and is BC's first certified instructor of the Wim Hof Method (WHM) of breathwork, cold therapy and mindset training. He has had many Breathwork teachers including Robin Clements of Breathwave and Ricardo Moreno (Kundalini and Essential Breath) from Sayulita, Mexico


An athlete at heart, Cian trained in boxing for 20 years and competed as a professional middleweight boxer in the USA and still occasionally works as a boxing instructor and striking coach at Lions' MMA.  Cian was a high level soccer player in his youth in Ireland and England and still enjoys playing soccer, distance running and trail running.


Once upon a time, Cian worked in an office as an engineer for the renewable energy sector but his undeniable passion for movement and athletics called him to break free from the desk. Never shy from personal and physical challenges, Cian understands what it takes to push the human body to its limits and uses all of his past experiences and education to help his clients achieve their personal bests.

"Movement starts in the lungs!" 

Alejandra Miranda

Alejandra Miranda Caballero is a Bolivian-Canadian dancer and movement teacher. After experiencing a serious injury that lead to chronic pain, she dove into the world of holistic health. This path lead her to Reiki, Breath Work, Cold Exposure (Wim Hof Method), and Stretch Therapy in particular, as part of her healing journey. 


Her practice in dance and experience with chronic pain have given her much insight into the power we each possess to love and heal our bodies.


Alejandra has received extensive training in Stretch Therapy through SRT (Soft-Stretch Release Technique), Fascial Stretch Therapy and with The Stretch Space. She also holds certifications in Reiki energy healing, and Franklin Method Fascial Movement. 


Alejandra would like to acknowledge she resides in unceded and ancestral territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil Waututh First Nations. 

Charlotte Telfer-Wan

Charlotte has a passion for health, movement, and enjoyment of an active lifestyle. Her interests in physical and emotional wellness through movement led her to become a Stretch Therapist. 


Charlotte began her movement journey as a young dancer, and is now pursuing a professional career in the art form. She holds a BFA in Contemporary Dance from SFU, teaches kids, and performs with a variety of Vancouver artists.


While at University Charlotte also studied Kinesiology, focusing on how a dancer’s physiology adapts from training and conditioning. Her interests lie in understanding individual differences, applying her knowledge of sport science to address a holistic view of health and wellbeing. Charlotte has extensive training in Stretch Therapy under the direction of Carolyn Schmidt and Cian Dalton of The Stretch Space, as well as through Soft Stretch Release Therapy (SRT) and Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST). Charlotte is also continuing her education in the psychological health of movement, and women’s health in relation to nutrition and fitness. 


Charlotte's goal as a therapist is to create more enjoyable and educated lives for her clients as movers. She believes that building trust, comfort, and understanding of our bodies can reduce physical and psychological stress in exercise and performance as well as in everyday life. 


When Charlotte isn’t at the Stretch Space you can find her cycling the city, at the barre or lifting one at the gym, hiking a beautiful mountain trail, or just enjoying a hot cup of coffee.