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This special package is for new clients who are ready to kick-start their stretching and mobility program.

Get ready to experience a more mobile, connected and integrated body. 


1 x 90 minute FST session

2 x 60 minute FST sessions


In three sessions (3.5 hours total) clients will receive an assessment, hands on Stretch Therapy treatments and will learn stretches and movements they can take with them into their home care practice. Videos and written notes may be provided as supplementary resources. Please come prepared to discuss your goals so we can make serious gains in these three sessions. Wear stretchy, athletic clothing and drink plenty of water before and after your session. 


Package Details:

-One 90 minute session

-Two 60 minute sessions

-includes assessment and creation of a home stretch/mobility routine

-for new clients only


-must be used within 6 weeks of purchase

-we recommend to use the 90min session in your first booking 

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