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What Clients Are Saying



"I have been working with Cian and Carolyn for almost a year now and the results have been incredible. I have needed help with hip mobility and knee tendinitis, both have improved drastically with their sessions and I always come away feeling much looser and pain free. With their guidance I have found new ways of getting the best out of my body and have benefited greatly from different stretching and breathing techniques. They have made a huge difference to my career, I can’t recommend The Stretch Space high enough."



"This is probably the best investment of my time and money ever spent. Carolyn, Cian and team offer a wonderful service and space that leaves you feeling reconnected, relaxed, open and strong. Stretch therapy is the only thing that has truly unlocked my body, my joints in ways that massage therapy, chiropractic or physio simply cannot. While most can appreciate the importance of stretching overall, stretch therapy absolutely stretches areas/joints that simply cannot be accessed without assistance. As a result, my body is more open to stretch, strength and healing. The team at stretch space has truly made a significant difference by increasing my mobility like nothing else. If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend going to The Stretch Space. Thank you so much to the team for all that you have done for me!"



"As a 74 year old ex-long distance runner and workout buff, the crimes of my past suddenly and dramatically caught up with me last month. Never having taken time to adequately stretch I reached a point where I was constantly cramping, tight and inflexible.The combined effects of this neglect resulted in my suffering a severe groin pull during a workout session. One which pretty much immobilized me. Some six weeks into this problem I had shown no improvement despite hours of massages and visits to a physician. Luckily, while on route to one of my favourite restaurants, I happened upon The Stretch Space and booked an appointment. Results were immediate and way beyond my expectations. From the very first time significant improvement was evident and over a few sessions full recovery achieved. A significant side benefit was the overall flexibility gained from ongoing treatments. It’s 'no stretch for me' to recommend 'The Stretch Space.'"


"It was my first FST experience. Carolyn is so in her element I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable. I was blown away by her instant sense of what my body needed to work through that day. She is generous with her knowledge, provided a well rounded healing experience for my mind, body and spirit. I am so looking forward to my next appointment!"


"Don't underestimate the value of getting stretched by an expert. Fascial Stretch therapy has an immense impact on your body and your mind. Every time I get up off the table I feel 6" taller and 20 pounds lighter. Carolyn and Cian have created an amazing space, and are knowledgeable professionals. They do so much more than offer fascial stretch. They take a holistic approach to treatment and are a wealth of knowledge and expertise. If you are looking to de-stress and feel invigorated, I couldn't recommend them higher."



"My Fascial Stretching journey started with Carolyn after a devastating knee injury that left me unable to function normally. After working together for three months, in conjunction with other treatment, I'm pleased to report I'm at 90% and have resumed many of my regular activities. Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable, warm and welcoming. I immediately felt at ease and that I was in good hands. She took a careful, proactive approach to dealing with my injury and I know I wouldn't have healed as quickly without her."



"I was first referred to Carolyn by my dance teacher. I was instantly hooked. Having a full time desk job and dancing 3 -4 days a week with a back injury was extremely hard on my body. I had sessions with Carolyn once a week for 3 dance terms (9 months) straight with 3-4 shows in a row at the end of each term, and I have never felt better since my injury 7 years ago. Carolyn is welcoming, knowledgeable, and passionate about FST and movement. She is also constantly learning and upgrading herself. Being a professional dancer herself she understands how we move and what we can do to not only treat but prevent injuries." 





​"I initially contacted Cian through my curiosity of the Wim Hof breathing method as he is a certified instructor for this type of breath work. I wanted to begin this practice through some guidance and after meeting with Cian for the first time, he gave me the impression that his practice is a welcoming space. Cian's experience and knowledge of movement and breathe becomes more and more evident as you work with him, and he has always provided a safe and non judgmental space to practice breathing and stretching. My first session with Cian really opened my eyes to the powerful transformation which can occur through conscious connected breathing. I have been able to work through emotional and physical barriers through this practice and Cian has always been there to keep me focused. I would would highly recommend Cian to anyone who is curious about the breathe and its healing ways."

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