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Make movement a part of your everyday life with
Stretch Essentials by The Stretch Space!

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The Essential Online Stretch Course

Stretch Essentials is your go-to guide for developing a more mobile and balanced body while deepening the mind/body connection. This at-home stretching course includes practices for assessment, warm up, stretching, breathwork and strengthening, all with the goal of getting you moving better and with more awareness. We also recommend our 1-1 clients use this course as a data base for their home practice. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the course in total? 

Our stretch therapy course is made up of 7 sections, including our welcome and before-you-go survey. This course is self-paced, but on average should take about 2 weeks to complete.

Does the course ever expire

No! Feel free to jump back in anytime and rewatch your favourite videos.

How long are the videos?

All videos range from 4 - 20 minutes in length. We encourage you to go through each section, and repeat what you feel your body needs.

What equipment is needed for the course?

No equipment is needed! All you need to complete our fascial stretching course is your device, and you.

Can you log in and use it from mobile as well as desktop?

Yes you can! Our course works for desktop or mobile, simply login to access your stretching course at home or away: anywhere, anytime.

Who developed Stretch Essentials? 

This online course was developed by Carolyn & Cian of The Stretch Space, based in Vancouver, BC. Learn more about us here.

  • Over 25 video practices led by Certified Stretch Specialists!

  • Self-Assessment tools and warm up routines

  • Targeted upper and lower body stretch routines

  • Strength building practices to support your stretching

  • Breathwork and mindful practices

  • Longer stretch flow sequences

  • Practices focused on Fascia and multi-dimensional movement

  • Easy to follow video player and ability to comment on videos and have discussions with teachers and other users

What's Included In This Course:


Love your movement, love your life!
Start your stretching journey with us for just $39 USD

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