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What We Do

The Stretch Space is a studio dedicated to stretch therapy, breathwork and movement in Vancouver, BC. 


Why We Stretch

Stretching creates length and space in our bodies so we can move more freely. Our style of stretching is an embodiment practice, allowing for more body awareness and connection to our movement. Our table based assisted stretching is hands on, dynamic and movement-based. We can help you target areas of the body that are difficult with self stretching. This includes maintaining proper alignment, having a deep natural breath synchronized with each stretch, creating lengthy traction to stretch the entire joint capsule, and being able to relax fully so you can receive the benefit of the stretch. 

Stretching tunes you into your body and helps you to discover where you may be unbalanced, then we help to create more balance within. 

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Why We Move

Movement is where we put it all together. Movement is what we do all day from the minute we get out of bed. We believe that improving our every day movements is the most essential aspect to having lasting gains from any form of treatment. Mastering the fundamental movements with grace, fluidity and control of the breath not just in the gym session but throughout much of the regular day can have profound impacts to your movement and your life.


Why We Breathe

Breathing is the most essential and undervalued aspect of wellness and movement. Movement starts in the lungs and movement without functional breath is highly limited. This continues to be an area of health that is vastly overlooked but we are putting a stop to that here. If you want to move well then breathing well is essential. Read more about breathing and our breathing services through the button below. 


Our Story

The Stretch Space was founded by Cian and Carolyn, a husband and wife duo, in 2018. They both have vast backgrounds in movement, as Carolyn was a professional dancer and dance teacher for 15 years and Cian was a high level soccer player and professional middleweight boxer in the USA. Through their own journeys with injuries and the desire to seek optimal health and vitality, they discovered Stretch Therapy and Breathwork, which had profound effects on their bodies and lives. They went on a mission to learn from and train with the most highly regarded leaders in the worlds of wellness and movement, and are deeply honoured and humbled to be sharing this work with people in Vancouver and beyond. 

Cian, Carolyn and The Stretch Space team are passionate professionals who are always learning and growing, helping to bring the best out of their clients. 

The Stretch Space is Our Laboratory

We invite you to join us in the exciting, never ending exploration of movement and embodiment. Through continued education and years of experience, we have created systems and programs that have been successful on our diverse client base. We love moving and want you to love it too!

See you at the space!


Explore & Expand Your Movement With Us

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