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Refuel, Recharge and Rejuvenate 

Elevate Your Corporate Event with highly trained practitioners of Breathwork, Cold Therapy, Guided Movement and Key-Note Speaking.


Step into a fresh era of corporate well-being and performance enhancement. 


At The Stretch Space our unique curated offerings are designed to infuse your events with a powerful blend of energy, focus, and resilience.





Immerse your team in the transformative world of breathwork. Our expert facilitators guide participants through profound breathing techniques that invigorate the mind, reduce stress, and boost cognitive function. Elevate your event's atmosphere and leave your team feeling rejuvenated and empowered.


Cold Therapy with the Wim Hof Method

Work with B.C's first ever certified Wim Hof Instructor Cian Dalton who trained under Wim Hof himself. Introduce your team to the renowned Wim Hof Method, known for its ability to enhance mental clarity, increase energy levels, and improve immune system response. Through a combination of breathwork, cold exposure, and mindset training, your team will tap into their untapped potential and conquer new horizons together. 

Fascial Stretch and Movement Classes

Movement is medicine. Our stretch and movement sessions are designed to foster team bonding, enhance mobility, and improve the mind body connection. We teach partner stretching,  self stretching and movement based tools that you can use for a life-time to enhance your overall well being in and out of work.


Why Work With Us?

Expert Facilitators: At the Stretch Space our experienced professionals are Vancouver’s stretch and breathwork experts. They are highly skilled in tailoring sessions to meet your event's objectives and participants' needs. Learn more about our team here. 

Scientifically Proven: Our offerings are rooted in science, delivering tangible benefits to both the body and mind.

Customizable Experiences: We understand that each event is unique. Our offerings can be tailored to match your intention, duration, and goals, whether online or in-person. 

Lasting Impact: Participants will leave with practical takeaways they can apply to their work and personal lives, fostering ongoing growth.


"I had engaged Cian to do a breathwork workshop with our entire team. I feel as a leader it is important to focus on the well-being of my team so with this in mind, we had Cian come in and facilitate a workshop for our team. The workshop was absolutely amazing! The feedback from my team was incredible. They really enjoyed the session and wanted to do a follow up session! I thought Cian’s mixture of presentation/theory around why breathing and breathwork are important was great and then the actual breathing exercises were fantastic. If you are a leader who wants to better support your team or anyone who could benefit from breathing and getting more grounded, I would HIGHLY recommend Cian" - Cal Misener Operations Manager ,TELUS Communications Inc

"Cian offered our team a safe space to explore the capabilities and ideas within us all. The 1-on-1 sessions enabled our team members to gain awareness for what was really going on for them. Our session together as a group on a retreat enabled team members to open up and be vulnerable, facilitating connectedness through empathy for each other. Going into strategy sessions afterwards, our team members were able to check our egoic selves. Showing up not with titles, but as people with different skills willing to work together towards a given objective. I would like to thank Cian for being flexible and accommodating to our needs, I look forward to working with him in the future." - Matthew Cornforth, Director of Operatons, Monstercat

"During my time at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise I curated over 90 multi-day wellness retreats for over 1200 guests. I chose to partner with numerous facilitators that offered diverse content so our guests could have unique experiences in a world class setting. I had the opportunity to work with Cian and Carolyn over a couple of years and their content is incredible. They offer people the opportunity to change their lives and integrate techniques that are proven. They are a professional duo that put the health and wellbeing of their community first. I appreciated that they were organized, strategic and clear on the experience they wanted to deliver. Making it a win-win experience for everyone and ultimately our guests." - Davina Bernard

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