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Assisted Stretch Therapy

Level 2 Practitioner Training 

Elevate your expertise with the 3 day Level 2 Assisted Stretch Therapy Certification. 

This program offers you the opportunity to build upon the techniques mastered in Level 1 Fundamentals and learn how to offer stretch therapy in an effective and professional manner. 

Level 2 training will include more hands on techniques, mentorship and guidance from our expert instructors, practicum hours and evaluation. 


Upon completion, you will grow into a more adept and experienced practitioner, addressing the needs of clients holistically and powerfully. 


2024 Level 2 Trainings:

April 26 - 28

November 8 - 10

$1200 + GST

* Level 2 candidates have the option to repeat Level 1 fundamentals at half price to refresh or refine skills


Course Material and Concepts:

  • Greater specificity in techniques, learning how to target areas for a more efficient stretch session

  • Nuances, variations and adaptations of level 1 material + new material 

  • Learn how to read the body and tissue

  • Deepen your understanding of true healing

  • Learn the ability to problem solve 

  • Practice giving and receiving full sessions in a guided environment 

  • Mentorship and guidance from our team (this may include 1-1 mentoring time, zoom sessions and supervised practice sessions)

  • Videos and detailed training manual


How you can help your clients with Assisted Stretch Therapy: ​

Improve Mobility: Release tightness and increase clients range of motion for a more easeful life. 

Release Stress: This work calms the nervous system and promotes relaxation for a healthier mind and body.

Enhance Performance: Optimize clients physical performance and prevent injuries by improving muscle coordination and balance.

Increase Body Awareness: Guide clients in gaining a deeper understanding of their body's unique needs and unlock its true potential.

Anti-Aging: Helps clients maintain or increase mobility and tissue function as they age. 

Stretch Therapy is truly transformational work and as a practitioner you will be a catalyst for helping many people find ease and expansion in their bodies and lives, while enjoying a satisfying and empowering career. 


Train with us in becoming a professional stretch therapist! 

Level 2 Practitioner Training April 26 - 28, 2024  @ The Stretch Space, Vancouver


 $1200 + GST 

Spaces are limited

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