Deep Breathing. Mindset Training and Cold Exposure.

Experience the Wim Hof Method.

Wim Hof Method group workshops and private training led by Cian Dalton, Certified WHM Instructor

What is the Wim Hof Method?

WHM is a powerful self healing and self discovery practice that combines deep breathing exercises with gradual cold exposure and mindset training. It was founded and made popular by the famed "Iceman" Wim Hof from the Netherlands.
WHM has been proven to help regulate the Aunotomic Nervous System and is becoming a sought after practice for over coming stress, anxiety, depression, auto-immune diseases and much more. Learn more about the science behind the Wim Hof Method HERE

Who is the Wim Hof Instructor?

Cian Dalton became the first Wim Hof Method instructor in British Columbia in 2018 (see full bio here) and we very excited to offer this work as a service to our clients in addition to running workshops around BC, Canada and internationally. The Wim Hof Method empowers people to take control of their own health. Time and time again we see that the clients who practice self care and self healing in addition to one-on-one sessions experience the most profound results. The Wim Hof Method is one of the most powerful, effective and time efficient modalities for both healing and personal growth. 

We offer one day workshops and weekend retreats focusing on the Wim Hof Method. 

These events are not only fun, they are transformational. The method is broken down clearly so you really understand how the techniques work within our physical systems, and includes plenty of experiential learning and do-ing. Our events are all about connecting with ourselves, with each other and with nature. 


Join us for an incredible weekend of healing, connection and fun. 


Using the Wim Hof Method and other practices, we will explore our TRUE NATURE as human beings, stripping away the layers to reveal our most authentic selves. This retreat will be held at the stunning Xenia Retreat Center on Bowen Island, BC.

Led by Cian Dalton, Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor/Breathwork Facilitator and Carolyn Schmidt, Breathwork Facilitator and Movement Therapist

This will be an intimate weekend where we will connect deeply with ourselves and each other, and will explore a variety of practices to facilitate healing and personal growth on a physical and energetic level. 

Accommodations and home-cooked meals provided. 
Most rooms will be shared with other retreat participants. 

All inclusive price - $795 CAD

** if requesting a private room extra fees may apply. 

Check out the Xenia Retreat Website to learn more about the property!

Tentative schedule for the weekend : 

Friday May 6

3.00pm - Check in at Xenia

4pm - Welcome Gathering and getting to know each other

5.30pm - Opening Ceremony and Breathwave Journey

7:30pm - Family Dinner

9.00pm - Wind down


Saturday May 7 (Epic Day!)

8am - Breathwork, movement, stretching morning practice

9:30am - Cold dip

10am - Breakfast of champions

12:30pm - Wim Hof Method Workshop (including ice bath) 

3pm - Nutritious family lunch

5.30pm - WHM and Conscious Connected Breathwork Journey

7pm - Dinner

8:30pm Cacao ceremony and dance movement jam

10pm - Wind down/sleep!


Sunday May 8

9am - Breathwork, movement, stretching morning practice

10:00am - Cold dip (Optional)

11am - Brunch

12:00pm - TBA/Wim Hof Method Deep Dive

2pm Closing Ceremony and Celebration

3pm - Wrap Up


Integration Meet Up

We will host a post-retreat meet up around 2 weeks afterwards for further connection and integration. This will be done either in person or virtually depending on everyones availability. More details on this upon sign up. 

Email us at thestretchspace@gmail.com to reserve your spot! 

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“We are so successful at being comfortable that comfort is becoming the enemy of success”


- Wim Hof