Vancouver's Stretching + Mobility Specialists

about us

We are specialists in Stretch Therapy, Breathwork and Restorative Movement. 

Our passion is to hold space for people to peel back the layers, revealing their greatest potential + possibilities. We believe that movement is medicine. 

We use cutting edge and forward thinking modalities to help people offset the tensions of modern life. We have years of experience helping humans become the most expanded and embodied versions of themselves. 

Come visit us in our beautiful studio in Vancouver, or through an online program or workshop. 

We cant wait to breathe, stretch and move with you! 

Stretch With Us Online

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An online membership for movement and wellness enthusiasts.

- Weekly programs for breathwork, stretching and movement delivered to your inbox

- Expert instruction and guidance
-Suitable for all levels

- Suitable for people rehabilitating an injury

- Exclusive access to our video library (100+ videos) you can view anytime 

- Access to a community and team of movement experts

- Low monthly price