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Breathwork Facilitator Mentorship and Training 

Start your path to becoming an integral part of a movement that heals, connects, and elevates the collective consciousness.


Curriculum & Course Flow



This course consists of 13 sessions of training (3-4 hours each) plus practice sessions and supporting exercises that will need to be completed outside of our time together. The sessions will be on a mix of weekday evenings and double session weekend days. Specific dates will be set at the time of training with input from the small group of participants.

Trainings Modules (Part 1)

  • Fundamental breath pattern and breathing mechanics

  • Grounded and present facilitation skills

  • Working with the Lower Energy Centers

  • Touch, Affirmations and Sound

  • Opening the heart

  • Facilitating other students in the group


Use this time to integrate the teachings thus far. This is where we set up some practice sessions to gain experience and valuable feedback. Bring your questions/feedback back to class once we start up again. 

Training Modules (Part 2) 

  • Facilitating intensity + Supporting Challenges

  • Hands-on stretch and bodywork tools

  • Working with Breath Holds

  • How to run a session, curating playlists, professional conduct

  • Supervised practice sessions with volunteers

Outside Practice Sessions on volunteers are required followed by an evaluation with Cian or Carolyn to complete the program

*Given the intuitive nature of breathwork and diverse needs of the group, exact training modules and schedules are subject to change. 

*we invite you to be in the flow :)


Ready to dive in and commit to this path? 

Our next cohort begins Sept- Nov 2024. 

3 months of hands-on training plus practice and mentorship support for $3500 

Spaces are limited to allow for an intimate learning experience and high teacher to student ratio.  

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