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Can You Truly Let Go?

Just Relax! Easier said than done right? You might have heard your Stretch Therapist say this to you in a session. 

Ironically, relaxing takes practice for a lot of us. Here is a simple and intentional way you can do just that. 

One of our favourite “exercises” we give clients is called "Constructive Rest"!

Woah - sounds fun right?

In our busy world of go go go being prescribed rest is actually very needed!

Now how to make your rest constructive? Here's the low down: 

1) Set your body up so your legs are 90 degrees to the ground, on a chair or couch and your back is laying on the ground. 

2) Feel and visualize your femur bones falling back and down into the hip sockets (this allows for decompression of the hips and sacrum)

3) Relax your whole body into the floor

4) Breathe!

Simple but Impactful!


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