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Go Ahead... Walk on some un-even ground!

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

It's no wonder our Glutes aren't firing as we often hear. Our bodies are over designed for the requirements of modern life. For 99.9% of our existence as humans we walked and moved on uneven surfaces (aka planet earth) as we are designed to. Sidewalks and other flat constructs make it faster and easier to get around but do not utilize our full capacities and ranges built for different angles and textures. We made it easier - but at the cost of being softer and more fragile and more basic movers.

When we challenge our movement outside our limited, single plane, mostly linear and socially acceptable movement we don't do it with much ease. Our bodies have adapted to find an efficient way of moving for the soft and safe, developed modern world and has switched off processes we no longer "need".

FST is a great way to restore lost range of motion and begin to re-pattern movements while awakening some more diverse muscle activation. This coupled with hiking, running trails and beach workouts is a great way to help strengthen the restored ranges and ease of movement in a natural setting in which our bodies were designed to move in.

Move with us!


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