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How to Prepare Your Body for Summer Activities

Spring has Sprung...and that means MAINTENANCE!

If you are from our home base of Vancouver BC, you know this city comes ALIVE the minute the sun starts to shine. It is part of its greatest charm after all, with the ocean, beaches, forests and mountains to explore. As the weather starts to turn for the better, we are all itching to get moving and get outside. Do you golf, bike,run, or hike? Do these activities leave you feeling achy and sore?

Even if you live an active lifestyle year around, it is important to prepare your body for all the activities you ask of it. Here are some tips to help you out!

1) Body priming- Make sure you activate and properly warm up the muscles you are asking your body to use. This is the #1 thing people miss and can greatly help prevent injury. And guess what? This does not have to take you long! Check out our Youtube channel for quick and easy warm ups! See the link below

2) Recovery- A light stretch, cold exposure, sauna, some self release with a lacrosse ball or rolling your muscles out with a foam roller are all great ways to aid the body in recovery to get you out and about for longer!

3) Hydrate!- Our body NEEDS proper hydration to allow our muscles and fascia to glide and function with ease. This is the easiest of the three to implement and see a change in how your body feels. Especially as we get blessed with more sun, it is incredibly important to get in all those fluids!

Incorporate these tools your body will be thanking you. You will be set to experience this summer to the fullest! Need extra support? We've got you! Book in for our 1-1 Stretch Therapy Sessions and we can give you personalised tips and treatment to get you feeling your best.

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