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How to Solidify Your New-Found Mobility

You've committed to a mobility practice- now what?

“Lengthen Strengthen, Lengthen Strengthen, Lengthen Strengthen…….”

Put this on repeat. Like a great record you enjoy and overplay to the point of not liking it so much anymore. We want you to get a little tired of this concept from thinking about it so much. Maybe even come up with a corny melody to go with it.

First we open up to create more freedom to move. We do this in a relaxed state. We do this while breathing calmly. Then we lock it in and train the body how to use this new range.

Finding time on our table in a stretch session is a great way to start or compliment your journey in body discovery.

But what comes next? The BEST way to solidify your new found mobility and make it functional for you, is to strengthen those muscles you stretched.

If we develop patterns over many years such as slouching, it may take some time to undo these patterns. The body is stubborn. It likes moving the way it does even when the way it moves sucks. We usually develop sub-par patterns to compensate for something else that isn’t moving well. In the short term this is great and it prevents us getting injured but over time when left unchecked it can turn into dysfunction, pain or injury.

Implementing the lengthening and strengthening mantra into your life is guaranteed to be a game changer. It is what your body CRAVES and what it needs to truly re-learn an effortless and efficient way of moving. When you book a stretch session you not only will get a good stretch but you will also get personalised take home movements to help solidify the work done on the table.

We look forward to seeing you and help you move into the best you!

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