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Never Train Minimally. Never Train Maximally. Always Train Optimally

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

This is an abbreviated quote that is originally from Dr Mel Siff as far as we know! Thanks Mel!

Are we over training? Maybe. Sometimes we might be under training. Understanding where you are at in your training regime is key. Perhaps you want to peak for a competition or just sustain a base level of fitness in the off season or be able to move consistently pain free in every day life.

Factoring in recovery is key. Knowing how much to push yourself and how much recovery work you need is a bit of an art. But being aware of this balance on a day to day basis is the first step to nailing the optimal level of training and recovery needed each day. Experiment and when you have an awesome workout or hit a PR or perhaps feel blissful write that sh*t down and try to repeat and even refine the process.

Move with us!


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