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You're only as young as your spine is nimble

We really can't do anything without a spine and we can't do much without one that can move well and adapt. You may recognize the quote in the heading from a spine pro Joseph Pilates that sums it up well “You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”

The spine consists of 24 vertebrae (33 including the sacrum). Think of the spine like a 24 story building but the building is highly versatile and can move and adapt to different loads of wind and other forces. It's a super building from the future that hasn't been invented yet. Each floor can bend forward, backward, sideways and rotate. All floors in the building are important and some move more than others.

Think of the spine more like a strong but fluid snake and less like a rigid stick that simply carries our brain around. The spine holds our central nervous system constantly sending messages to and from the brain and gut. If the spine doesn't move well the nervous system isn’t happy and messages to the brain are distorted and interrupted. The spine is vital to our movement just like breathing. When we can get these two components of movement to function well and in sync with each other we have a very solid foundation to build off going into more advanced movements.

A healthy spine is both mobile and stable.

Go ahead and move your spine like nobody is watching. If you want some help follow us on youtube for our public video selection for free - try this one. For more guidance, weekly programs, a huge video library of mobility exercises and like minded tribe consider joining our monthly subscription program. Learn more here.

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