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30 Day Mobility Challenge

Up-level your movement and mobility in 30 days.

Learn tools for self-care and develop a practice for life. 


Daily Exercises/Tasks



Excellent Instruction

Fun Bonus Challenges

Check-In's and Support

A Live Online Workshop


More Useable Mobility

Better Body Awareness

Better Breath Patterns

A toolbox of exercises

A body that can do more things

A practice for life!
Access to Private FB Group
Access to The Stretch Space team via email for 30 days

The feeling of satisfaction when you finish :) 


Every day for 30 Days you will receive an email from us with a daily mobility task and some motivation and helpful tips. These are in the form of recorded video, and can be completed on your own time. We do suggest however doing them in the morning. Each days tasks will take you between 10 - 25 minutes. (repetition is encouraged!) 

The program builds week to week, in a 4 week cycle, with 2 bonus days at the end. We start by introducing fundamental concepts of breath, stretching and movement, giving you a solid foundation to build upon. We put a big emphasis on movement quality and awareness, which is weaved into every exercise as they become more complex. 

The end of each week completes with a longer movement sequence that connects the dots and helps you to build your own daily movement practice, based on YOUR body. 

Each day you will check-in that you completed the task and will have a chance to ask us questions. 

At the end of week 2 we will have a live Zoom Online Workshop where we can move together and go deeper into what we've covered during the challenge. 


This is open to movers of all levels, but you should be healthy and injury free. To participate all you need is an email, internet access, some space to move in and a willingness to learn and grow. 


We are very confident that if you take this challenge seriously, your mobility and movement and the way you approach it will be forever changed.

This mobility challenge has changed the way I start my day! Carolyn and Cian have provided many tools that have helped me find more awareness of my body, increased my mobility and reduced pain. I have felt supported and encouraged throughout this journey, and always looked forward to what the next day brings. I would absolutely recommend the Stretch Space to anyone, from a 9-5 office worker to professional dancer!
- Bonnie

Stay tuned for the next launch of the Mobility Challenge! 

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If you are interested in online mobility and movement work, check out our monthly membership program The Breathe Stretch Move Club

Your Coaches, 


C + C 

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