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Breathe Into Greater Mobility

How Breathe and Gratitude can Expand Your Mobility

As we head into a New Year, it is a great time to reflect on how we want to enter into this transitional period. The holidays can be hectic for many of us, as kids go back to school, we go back to our regular work schedules and we have to resettle back into our routine. This is the perfect time to add some mindfulness into those busy days. And as we are all about stretching over here, did you know that breath and gratitude can actually help your mobility?

How does breathing and gratitude help my mobility?

Breathing creates space in the body and space in the joints which allows space for more movement. Breathing helps us to oxygenate and become alkaline (temporarily increasing our Ph levels) which helps reduce inflammation in our joints. Gratitude has also been proven to reduce inflammation and stress and of course it can help improve our breath quality which can further enhance these effects. As we breathe more optimally in stillness we can start to breathe more optimally in movement. Movement requires oxygen and good healthy movement requires good healthy breathing. Makes sense doesn’t it?

The breath is nature's most fundamental medicine and is a gift that you can keep on giving yourself! Interested in more? Join our upcoming Breath circle or book a 1-1 Session with Cian or Carolyn

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