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Learn the Fundamentals of Stretch Therapy and Expand your Practice!

Hey Stretch Fam,

We're thrilled to share that the Assisted Stretch Therapy Level 1 Fundamentals workshop at The Stretch Space is back and coming up soon! We've witnessed tremendous growth and success in our previous courses, filling us with pride and excitement for both the courses and our students.

If you were part of our previous workshops, you know how transformative and rewarding they were. Participants from various backgrounds – massage therapists, athletic coaches, business owners, and individuals seeking overall well-being – joined us on this incredible journey of assisted stretching.

These workshops not only provided participants with the knowledge and skills to facilitate stretches for others but also fostered an environment for personal growth and self-reflection. Participants developed a deeper understanding of their bodies, cultivated mindfulness, and gained invaluable tools for self-care. Additionally, participants leave with a valuable new offering to enhance their existing client services.

As instructors, it is so gratifying to share this incredible work that we have been refining for the past several years. Witnessing the spark of excitement in participants' eyes as they experience the benefits firsthand, seeing their determination and perseverance, and celebrating their victories—it's truly an honor!

Join us once again on this one of a kind, hands-on weekend! June 3-4, 2023

Visit and claim your spot in the Assisted Stretch Therapy Fundamentals workshop.

Spaces are limited.

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