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What do your services cost?

All our one on one prices are listed here. Small group classes are usually $30. Please reach out for corporate inquiries or to have us come to you for a workshop. Wim Hof Method events are priced separately and sold through

Are you covered by extended health benefits?

This depends on the health provider and we leave this up to the client to check their eligibility. Unfortunately many benefit packages cover a fairly narrow range of health services that has been largely unchanged for many years and tend to not typically cover our services. We have some clients who's employers cover an allowance for health services that they use. We believe that health and well being should be covered beyond a short list of services and that a healthy population is a more resilient, effective and cheaper to care for population. But that's another discussion for another day.

What does a session look like?

Why Breathwork?


Group Classes

Corporate Inquiries

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