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May - July 2024


A Gateway to Transformation


Our Breathwork Facilitator Training program is crafted for those who seek to guide others through the transformative power of breath. The course is ongoing over about 3 months and differs from a traditional retreat style breathwork training. We believe this sets up our facilitators to offer this work in an effective and integral way.


Our training is designed to honour the profound impact of guiding individuals through Conscious Connected Breathwork sessions. We respect that this requires facilitators to show up fully and in integrity to hold space for powerful transformation of a sensitive nature. This requires time and practice, attention to detail and continuous support in a curious and safe container.


Our style of Conscious Connected Breathwork is vibrant yet grounded and relaxed, and is influenced by our extensive training and experience in both Breathwave and the Wim Hof Method, as well as stretch therapy and other embodied practices. When practiced correctly and with a trained facilitator, Breathwork has the power to help others integrate and over-come just about anything that life throws their way.


Your teachers, Cian and Carolyn, have held space for 1000's of people in exploring the power of breath. This work is sacred, and we hold deep respect and gratitude for every breather and student who comes into our path. 

Join a community dedicated to excellence, support, and continuous discovery, and prepare to enrich lives, including your own. Start your path to becoming an integral part of a movement that heals, connects, and elevates the collective consciousness. 

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Why Breathwork? 

Breathwork is a transformative practice that aims to restore our breath's natural rhythm and flow, which from infancy, flows freely and fully until life's experiences create blockages. This journey back to easeful and expansive breathing can surface deep-seated emotions and memories, but as facilitators, our role is to provide a supportive space for this release. By guiding others through these moments, we help rewrite the subconscious narratives that have disrupted breathing patterns, promoting a return to the innate state of  ease and regulation that we embodied when we were young.


Our Mission

Our Breathwork Facilitator Training is meticulously crafted with the following objectives:

To Empower Healing: We are committed to equipping facilitators with the skills necessary to conduct safe and effective one-on-one conscious connected breathwork sessions.

To Foster Growth: Our training is more than a learning experience; it's a healing journey for personal growth, allowing each participant to explore and expand within a nurturing environment.

To Build Community: We believe in the power of community and camaraderie. Our training is designed to cultivate a supportive network that encourages continuous learning and discovery.


To Ensure Excellence: We are dedicated to providing exceptional training and ample practice opportunities, preparing our facilitators to work confidently with a diverse clientele.


Our Approach: 

Our breathwork facilitator training embodies a holistic methodology centered on the principles of conscious connected breathing—a seamless, uninterrupted flow of breath. We emphasize a grounded technique that begins with deep belly breathing to engage the body's lower energy centers. Our approach teaches a dynamic, full inhale paired with a relaxed exhale, incorporating breath holds strategically to enhance the breathing experience. We integrate stretching and bodywork to release physical blockages, thereby enhancing the breath's fluidity. Central to our philosophy is empowering clients to harness their body's innate wisdom, allowing the natural synergy of body and breath to serve as a potent form of self-healing.

Our Methodology: 

Our Conscious Connected Breathwork (CCB) training is rooted in a time-honored technique that promotes awareness and continuity in breathing. A principal lineage of this style of breathing can be traced to Leonard Orr's pioneering work in the 1960s and influenced by the Rebirthing lineage and Transformational Breath. Our practice is further enriched by our training in the grounded and gentle approach of Breathwave by Robin Clements and the dynamic Wim Hof Method, known for its distinctive breath-holds and rounds. We blend these powerful traditions with insights from fascial bodywork, dance, and martial arts to create a unique, daily practice that emphasizes both the quality and depth of breath. Our approach is dynamic yet soothing, always under the careful guidance of a facilitator who may incorporate touch and bodywork to enhance the breathing experience.

Mentorship Training Break-Down

Like learning anything else meaningful, it takes time to integrate and embody what we learn. Our course is designed on a supportive mentorship style with breaks for intergration in-between. 



This course consists of 13 sessions of training (3-4 hours each) plus practice sessions and supporting exercises that will need to be completed outside of our time together. The sessions will be on a mix of weekday evenings and double session weekend days. Specific dates will be set at the time of training with input from the small group of participants.

Trainings Modules (Part 1)

Fundamental breath pattern and breathing mechanics

Grounded and present facilitation skills

Working with the Lower Energy Centers

Touch, Affirmations and Sound

Opening the heart

Facilitating other students in the group


Break - Use this time to integrate the teachings thus far. This is where we set up some practice sessions to gain experience and valuable feedback. Bring your questions/feedback back to class once we start up again

Training Modules (Part 2) 

Facilitating intensity + Supporting Challenges

Hands-on stretch and bodywork tools

Working with Breath Holds

How to run a session, curating playlists, professional conduct

Supervised practice sessions with volunteers


Outside Practice Sessions on volunteers are required followed by an evaluation with Cian or Carolyn to complete the program

*given the intuitive nature of breathwork and diverse needs of the group, exact training modules and schedule is subject to change. 

*we invite you to be in the flow :) 

Topics covered during the training:

  • How to read and facilitate a breath pattern

  • Working with the nervous system

  • Safety and trauma awareness

  • Holding space - listening and questioning skills

  • Hands on touch and basic bodywork techniques

  • Using movement to move energy

  • Toning/using the voice

  • Responsible and effective use of breath holds

  • Working with the chakra system as a guide

  • Using sound tools and curating music for sessions

  • Intention setting

  • Integration

  • Cient interaction. Speaking about and embodying your offering

  • Professional Conduct as a facilitator and business basics


    & Much More!!


Ready to dive in and commit to this path? 

Our next cohort of facilitators in training will gather between May - July 2024. 

3 months of hands-on training plus practice and mentorship support for $3500 

Spaces are limited to allow for an intimate learning experience and high teacher to student ratio.  

Clouds and Sunset
“Love this place, from the moment you arrive you feel at home & welcomed. Relaxing, mindset altering breath work training with Cian & Carolyn."

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the course in total? 

The breathwork training course is approximately 3 months. This includes sessions together in person, online support and homework practices. Required practice sessions are done outside of class time. 

What will be the main take-aways from this course? 

You will leave with expert facilitator tools to help optimize a breathers experience in a variety of situations. You will gain real quality experience of going through your own journeys while being supported by others and supporting and witnessing others going through their experiences. The small group allows for regular sharing and feedback from each session to help refine facilitation skills and help provide a strong and open supportive container for your breathers. 

Who developed this training? 

This training was developed by Carolyn & Cian of The Stretch Space, based in Vancouver, BC. Learn more about us and our lineage of breathwork teachers here.

What if I cannot make all of the sessions?

We encourage you to be present for all of the live sessions. If you must miss a session or two we may be able remotely include you or record part of the session and request additional practice hours to make up the missed hours

How does this mentorship training differ from other breathwork trainings?

This is an IN-PERSON mentorship style of training done over time. We get to integrate the work and continuously bring up challenges and wins in a small supportive container. This style of conscious connected breathwork teaches the use of breath holds and gentle hands on stretching techniques to facilitate breathing

Is there a payment plan availible?

Yes please reach out to discuss

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes a certificate of completion will be provided

What experience is needed for the course?

We suggest participants have experience with their own breathwork practice. Having completed at least three 1-1 sessions and a three group sessions is recommended. No professional experience is needed, although prior training in yoga, bodywork, coaching etc is helpful. 

Who is this training best suited for? 

This training is for anyone who honours the power and medicine of breathwork and is curious about sharing the work to help others or to dive deeper into their own nature as a breather and in a space holding role for others. Having prior training in bodywork, yoga, coaching etc is helpful. 

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