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Welcome to The Stretch Space! 

The Stretch Space is a studio dedicated to stretch therapy, breathwork and restorative movement in Beautiful Vancouver, BC. 

Stretching creates length and space in our bodies so we can increase our range of motion and move more freely and fluidly. Our table based assisted stretching is hands on movement based dynamic stretching that optimizes many aspects of stretching that are difficult with self stretching. This includes maintaining proper alignment, having a deep natural breath synchronized with each stretch, creating lengthy traction to stretch the entire joint capsule where it matters most, and being able to relax fully so you can be in a more restful state and let go of the parts of the body being stretched while engaging others on demand.

Breathing is the most essential and undervalued aspect of movement. Movement starts in the lungs and movement without functional breath is highly limited. This continues to be an area of health that is vastly overlooked but we are putting a stop to that here. If you want to move well then breathing well is essential. Read more about breathing and our breathing services here.

Movement is where we put it all together. Now that your range of motion has increased to a healthy range and your resting breath is natural and deep can you put this into simple or even complex movements? Movement is what we do all day from the minute we get out of bed. We believe that altering our every day movements is the most essential aspect to having lasting gains from any form or treatment. Mastering the fundamental movements with grace, fluidity and control of the breath not just in the gym session but throughout much of the regular day can have profound impacts to your movement and your life.

And who are we? And how did we get into all this?

We are Cian and Carolyn and we are just a little bit obsessed with moving our bodies and feeling awesome! We didn't always feel awesome and we learned through trial and error and continuing education what worked best for us. Fascial Stretch Therapy has been a major game changer for both of us. From decades of high impact movement practices - Carolyn as a long time dancer and dance teacher and Cian's professional boxing career - we suffered more than a few blows and found undoing this damage to be quite tricky. Our earlier movement training skimmed over recovery and restorative technqiues as well as good breathing that we now consider essential for all athletes and movers. Read our bios here.

In our mission to heal our injuries and rebalance our bodies, we found a passion for helping others by sharing what we have learned. We sought out more sustainable and diverse forms of training and treatments that now incorporate into our careers as teachers and practitioners around our three core pillars of breathe, stretch and move.

The Stretch Space is our laboratory. We invite you to join us in the exciting, never ending exploration of movement. Through continued education, trial and error and years of experience, we have created systems and programs that have been successful on our diverse client base - from pro dancers to MMA fighters to desk jockeys and construction workers. We love moving and want you to love it too!

See you at the space!

C & C

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