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Assisted Stretch Therapy

Level 1 Training

Dive into the Fundamentals 


Enhance and expand your passion for movement by learning Assisted Stretch Therapy!  

If you are new to bodywork, this course will give you a repetoire of skills to practice with friends/family and can be a stepping-stone into the world of stretch therapy.


If you are already a trained practitioner or therapist, this workshop will give you new tools to enhance your existing practice. 

Massage therapists and other manual therapists enjoy Stretch Therapy as a complementary technique, while personal trainers and movement teachers love using stretch therapy to help clients achieve more mobility and deepen the body/mind connection.

Movement enthusiasts and wellness junkies love Stretch Therapy for helping friends and family, and for deepening their knowledge of their own bodies. 

Fundamentals Workshop Schedule:


April 6 - 7, 2024 @ The Stretch Space

10am - 6pm


June 8-9 , 2024 @ The Stretch Space

10am - 6pm

Sept 28-29 , 2024 @ The Stretch Space

10am - 6pm


Course Material and Concepts:

2 days of hands-on, experiential learning!

  • Hands-on assisted stretching of the major joints and fascial lines 

  • Table stretch and floor stretch

  • Upper body and lower body stretches

  • Passive and active/dynamic stretching

  • Understanding and working with the fascial system

  • How to feel and listen to the body

  • Nervous system basics

  • Breathing 

  • How to hold space for someone to optimize healing


What Makes Our Work Unique? 

A Movement Based Modality - MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!

We rejuvenate tissues and joints through movement, actively re-patterning the brain. 

Working with the Fascial System

We consider how the fascial system works. This means moving slowly and with pure presence. We consider how everything in the body is connected and we treat the body as a holistic unit as opposed to separate parts. 


An Empowering Mind/Body Practice

This is a somatic practice that fosters a deep connection between individuals and their bodies, empowering people to become their own body experts over time. 


Nervous System Based 

Healing happens in the parasympathetic nervous system. Our  method helps clients become grounded and calm in order to fully receive the healing benefits of stretching and movement.


Passive Movement Integration (PMI)

Retracing movements post-stretching and engaging in active movement integration off the table helps solidify and sustain the movement transformation. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


Ready to dive in and elevate your practice? 

2 days of hands-on training plus take-home materials for $650 + GST 

Spaces are limited to allow for a intimate learning experience and high teacher to student ratio.  

How long is the course in total? 

The stretch therapy Level 1 course is 2 days. Most of the time will be hands-on learning. 

Will there be a following training for full certification

Yes - We have a level 2 practitioners training which includes more hands on training and practice/practicum requirements. Details for level 2 can be found HERE

Will I receive a certification?

A certificate of completion will be provided. Level 1 is for beginners to work with friends and family and for experienced practitioners to add new tools to their repertoire. 

What experience is needed for the course?

We suggest participants have experience with their own movement or fitness practices, but no professional experience is needed for level 1. Even if you are very experienced with bodies, we encourage you to come with a beginners mind. 

What will be the main take-aways from this course? 

You will leave with a beautiful assisted stretching routine you can do with family/friends (for beginners) or clients (for practitioners). You will receive many nuggets of wisdom and tools to apply to your movement or bodywork practice. 

Who developed this course? 

This course was developed by Carolyn & Cian of The Stretch Space, based in Vancouver, BC. Learn more about us here.

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